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Margaret from Ireland: parents & mum in law

please pray for my mum & dad who both live with the fear of dying, both have gone through periods of bad health but have come through T.G. pray for my mum in law who has had major heart surgery, help her to regain her strength quickly
Dear Friends, let us pray for Margaret's Mum & Dad, that the Lord will bless them and lay his healing hand upon them. May Margaret's mum in law recover soon. God bless you. Fr Stephen

Susan Doyle from Longford, Ireland: Please pray for my mother

Please pray for my mother as she is going through a lot of tests at the moment and hopefully we will get good news. She has been sick for the last couple of years with chest and lung problems
Dear Friends, let us pray for Susan's mother. That the Lord will bring her healing and comfort through the power of the Holy Spirit. God bless you. Fr Stephen

Xuan Nguyen from Titusville, Florida USA: healing of My mother and mine

Pray to St. Camillus for healing of my mother's body and soul as well as my high blood pressure.
Let us pray for Xuan's mother and Xuan that the Lord through the intercession of St Camillus will bring healing to them. God bless you both. Fr Stephen

john murphy from ireland: for rose

that saint camillus will help rose to get compleatly better .she is recovering from cancer .
Dear friends let us pray for Rose. That through the intecession of St Camillus, Patron Saint of the Sick and those who care for them, Rose will completely recover from cancer. God bless you. Fr Stephen

aley from india: please pray for my teenage son

please pray for my teenaged son to become a holy priest, or a good servant of God. please protect all of my family from all the evils of worldly pleasures and sins. thanks
Dear Friends, let us pray for Aley and all her family. God bless you. Fr Stephen

mini shaji from ireland: healing from various physical illness

please pray for me to heal me from my ilnesses and bless me with more children
Let us pray for Mini. That God will heal her and fill her with joy. God bless you. Fr Stephen

David Johnson from Newcastle, UK: Prayer request for cancer Patient

Please pray for Martin Parry a 34 year old suffering from terminal lung cancer
Dear Friends, let us pray for Martin. That the Lord will bless him and protect him. Bless all Martin's family and friends. God bless you. Fr Stephen

Sr Patricia from Sligo:

Please pray for Cathal one week old who is seriously ill.
Dear Friends, let us pray for Cathal. May the Holy Spirit come upon him to protect him. God bless you all. Fr Stephen

Irene Nora Molden from Stroud, Glocestershire, UK: Teresa Nolan nee Jordan born Menlough Co Galway residing in Essex

Please pray for my Mother that her pain can be reduced and that she regains the confidence to return home after her fall and not to feel so lonely after the loss of my Father William Joseph Nolan RIP born Listowel Co Kerry
Dear Friends let us pray for Teresa that God will give her strength and comfort. Bless Irene and fill her with your peace. Eternal rest grant unto William Joseph Nolan RIP. Fr Stephen

Evelyn Gallagher from Ireland:

Please pray for rosealeen connolly who has cancer.ST Camillus please give her the strenght she needs at this time.God bless all who are sick at this time.
Dear Friends let us pray for Rosaleen that God will bless her and give her strength. God bless you. Fr Stephen

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