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Frank hamill from Scotland:

For Gerard and family in achill island.st.camillus pray for them.also rev.fr.Frank.

john heery denise boylan from dublin: healing of sickness all pains in the body

denise suffering for years with fear in and out of hospitals has no quality of life lift her up to jesus tonite heal her please, john has pains all over the body waiting on hip operation, hes in the healing ministry himself, in jesus name heal and pray for these 2 friends,

Patricia Mederos from United States: Goid health n know n do God's will

Anne Carney from Celbridge Co Kildare: Please pray for Joe MacS. that he will be healed from cancer, the his liver will be clear and that his blood will be pure. Please spare him Lord, grant him health and vitality, restore him to his family and grant them all strength and consolation

Louis briscoe from Co meath ireland:

Please pray for my nephew who has a tumor and will be under going treatment soon Aaron Briscoe Co meath Ireland

Shelly Yaroch from United States: protection and healing

Please pray for the Intercessors of the Trinity core team and their families for their protection against all evil (spiritual warfare). Place us underneath his shield (Psalm 91) for spiritual protection. Pray for all the intentions of those that come to our prayer group each Tues evening. Special prayers for: (1) Kerby Family- for protection for all family members (2) Henry-throat cancer (3) Prayers for success of our fundraising campaign (4) Ric-cancer in liver/lungs (5) baby William King-as a whole doing well, lung functionality is good but only has 25% on the right lung, the holes near his heart are closing or have closed, prayers for complete healing and for no more surgery (6) IOTT Finance Committee-protection (7) Carlos-young man who is currently paralyzed from a motorcyle accident, for strength, and total healing (8) Troy-for total healing from a staff infection (9) Fr Andre and his ministry-protection (10) John-suffering from cancer, was scheduling the assisted suicide but has currently decided to not go forward. (11) Karen-recently diagnosed with ALS (12) Kobee-cancer called rhabdomyosarcoma. Tumors from ankles to the top of his head (13) Br Emmanuel-prostate cancer (14) Louis-healing and protection Blessings Shelly

Theresa from Ireland:

Emma who is gravely ill. Thank you & God bless

Yvonne Cairney from United Kingdom: Prayer for a peaceful death

Can I have prayers for my friend Michael who has terminal brain, lung and throat cancer. He only has a short time left. I ask for prayers that he has a pain free and peaceful passing on his journey home to God.

Patricia Friel from Cavan: Miracle Required

I’m asking for your prayers please for Annemarie she has a Brian tumour and has just started treatment. Thank you and God Bless

Kathleen Kavanagh from Dublin Ireland :

Please make my husband Tom strong and well again Thank you God for all your goodness to us

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